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Spray Starch is used in the Paper Industry .Most spray starches don’t penetrate paper deeply, so they don’t improve its physical properties as well as they could. They also don’t retain well, so the paper loses its strength and quality quickly. Our spray starch is different. It penetrates deeply and retains well, so it improves paper quality significantly and for a longer period of time. This makes it a real breakthrough for upgrading paper quality at an affordable price.



  • Helps in reducing the de-lamination of the ply of the board
  • Improves paper machine, run ability as well as productivity
  • Improves the spring-back tendency of the board
  • Due to low gel temperature, easily gets gelatinized


Parameters UOM Limits
Appearance Cream to white colour, Free Flowing Powder
pH 6.0 – 8.0
Moisture content % Max 13.0
Viscosity in Brookfield Viscometer cps min 2000
Ash Content % Max 1.0
Brightness % Min 85.0
Cold Water Solubility/td> % Max 4.0

Packing :

Packed in 50 kg HDPE woven bags.

Also available in Jumbo Bags as per specific requirement(s).

As per requirement we can provide Oxidized Starch & Cationic Starch