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Bizgrace founded as a private Limited company in the 2018, corporate office situated in Kerala State in India.

Bizgrace is a leading Export oriented Agro products & Feed grade chemical Company, helps hundreds of farmers to improve their life. We have the most collaborative and trusted team, collecting the seeds direct from farms and maintain the farmer data and follow a coding system for their produce. This allows us to extend our control over the quality of the raw ingredients and maintain complete traceability. We have full control of our supply-chain and can guarantee the best quality from farm to table.

We take great care with your order and any additional requirements you may have. We are all dedicated we love our job! The customer is always our main focus. We have a real eye for quality – from farm collection, process and storage, right through to making sure your order is correct and delivered to you just when you want it. We make every effort to deliver on our promise to you.

As a result, customer and consumer satisfaction is our main incentive and motivation to carry on our innovation and creativity.

Our Mission

Our mission -to deliver quality, healthy, transportable and long-lasting products for people at an affordable price. It is not easy to match these at the same time; however, we feel that it is intrinsically needed by the majority of people.

Our Team

Our team is energetic. We became one of the best growers in the market due to full dedication, countless hours of extra work in the evenings and weekends, and ever-burning enthusiasm.

  • Quality Services: When it comes to food related item, there must be no compromise.Vast Experience in Food Trading .Our vast experience in the industry is what makes us the ideal choice for your trading needs.
  • Trusted & Approved Certified Services: Being a legally certified export company, our services are transparent and trustworthy Commitment .We are committed to ensuring that we get the job done on schedule without fail.
  • Innovation: Using innovative methods and equipment, we ensure that the food is packaged and stored to the best.