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Corrugation Gum is specially developed for use in the corrugated paper packaging boards having the advantages of consistency and perfection in terms of quality. This gum is mainly used in automatic and semi automatic plants. Corrugation Gum is partially hydrolyzed starches that are prepared by roasting in the presence of different catalysts. This chemical and mechanical reaction reduces the large molecule size into small molecule and with maintained viscosity.



Our corrugation gum powder is completely cold water soluble. Consumption is depends on what strength and how thick paste user require. Corrugation Gum ratio may however be changed to ensure viscosity depending on the GSM, quality of paper and single facer or double backer bonding Our corrugation gum normally clients using in ratio of 1:4 to 1:6.


  • Most important factor is it has instant dries capacity which is very favorable in rainy season also.
  • Corrugation Gum has a high consistency and extremely stable viscosity.
  • Corrugation Gum Has low gelatinization temperature thus minimizing the power consumption giving higher machine speed which ultimately results into greater production yield
  • Corrugation Gum improves stress and strain tolerance of finished corrugated container.
  • Corrugation Gum improves Pin Adhesion due to its high strength properties.
  • Corrugation Gum has excellent dry strength that increases accuracy of edge crush.
  • Longer shelf life.